When I found out I was pregnant, I did a complete overhaul of my makeup/skincare- I switched to completely non-toxic everything. When I stopped breast-feeding, I continued my non-toxic routine while sprinkling in some other products I love here and there. Recently, I did an edit of all my beauty products and found myself once again using only non-toxic. I feel like once you go completely clean, it feels weird putting something on your body that may not be the most pure.  This is the first in a series of non-toxic beauty posts- and I'm sharing my clean makeup favorites.

First of all, I never leave the house without sunscreen. I'm from Florida, so it's ingrained I'm me to always wear SPF no matter what. Not to mention, I used to work for a physician that told me the number one anti-aging product is sunscreen.

This product is amazing. It originally came as a sample with another purchase and I completely fell in love, I purchased the full-size. It helps your makeup last all day, yet feels so weightless.

I have tried quite a few different concealers and this Kosas is fab. I feel bright/awake, yet I look like I'm not wearing any makeup. I love!

tinted moisturizer
light coverage
medium coverage
I think foundation really is a personal preference. I have so many types because it really depends on my mood/day which direction I'm going in. for everyday/on-the-go I prefer the foundation stick. It is so smooth and natural and will give you the most coverage while still feeling like you have nothing on.

full coverage 
I feel like this bareMinerals foundation is a great staple that everyone forgets about. I love it and always have one on hand. This Milk Makeup translucent powder is a win for me- doesn't feel all chalky, just a smooth addition to your makeup. Very natural.

I really like this bronzer. It's not too shimmery and I don't feel muddy. Perfect bronzy glow.

I live for this blush. It is fantastic. I really prefer a creamy blush- I feel like it blends so much better and you look just the perfect amount of flushed.

I actually have never been into a highlighter until I tried this one. It glides on so naturally and gives you the perfect glow without looking greasy.

I have a love/hate relationship with eyeshadow. I usually wear very neutral for my day to day looks, but when I go out I LOVE a smokey eye. I don't like to get too crazy, but a good smokey eye is a classic.

brow gel
I love a brow gel for days where I want to look alive, but don't want to spend a lot of time on my face. A brow pencil is my personal favorite way to give some good, natural definition to the brows.

I absolutely cannot live without mascara. I have long lashes, but they are blonde, so mascara is a complete must! 

Let me know some of your favorite non-toxic products below!